Safe Sidewalks LA
Program Update

In December of 2016, the City of Los Angeles launched Safe Sidewalks LA, a 30-year, $1.4 billion program to make sidewalks accessible to everyone.

The City of Los Angeles is committed to repairing sidewalks and improving accessibility. However, this is a large undertaking that will take time, effort and resources.

Here are some important things to know about the program:

Need and Funding:

  • Because this is the first comprehensive sidewalk repair program in nearly four decades, there is a great need for repairs across Los Angeles. Safe Sidewalks LA is a 30-year program to repair thousands of miles of sidewalks. Currently, the number of requests received far exceed the available resources, so repairs may not take place right away.

  • Funding for the program – which determines how many sidewalks we can fix each year -- is made through a yearly budget allocation by City Council. In Fiscal Year 2020-21, we were allocated funding for repairs requested by people with a mobility disability and for sidewalks in front of City Facilities. The next budget allocation will be in Spring of 2021.

Prioritization of Repairs:

  • The Sidewalk Repair Program Prioritization and Scoring System (Council File 14-0163-S3) was adopted by City Council in January 2018.

  • The City has established that our highest priority is to fix sidewalks that are limiting mobility for disabled and mobility-challenged residents through our Access Request program.

  • Within the Access Request program, the highest priority is given to Access Requests that are in residential areas, within 500 feet of public transit, and are dated over 120 days.

  • In 2015, repairs began at City facilities, including fire stations, police stations, libraries, parks and recreation centers. This is an effort to make City facilities safer for all users. For Fiscal Year 2020-21 we've identified repairs at City Facilities utilizing the recently adopted Prioritization and Scoring System.

Submitting a Request:

  • If you submitted a request – either to 3-1-1 or through your Council office -- prior to the launch of the Safe Sidewalks LA program, we may not have it on file. Please submit a request through 3-1-1 online or by calling.

  • You may use the following link to submit an Access Request:

  • If you have already submitted a request to the Safe Sidewalks LA program through 3-1-1, do not submit duplicate requests.