Frequently Asked Questions

What is the “Access Request” Program?

The Access Request Program is designated for persons with a Mobility Disability to submit requests to the City of Los Angeles to remove or remediate access barriers in the public right of way.

An “Access Barrier” refers to conditions that are not in compliance with the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design. Please refer to #4 for more details.

Who may submit an Access Request ?

Any individual with a Mobility Disability(or representative acting on behalf of individual) may submit an Access Request.

How is “Mobility Disability” defined ?

“Mobility Disability” means any impairment or condition that limits a person’s ability to walk, ambulate, maneuver around objects, or to ascend or descend steps. A person with a Mobility Disability may or may not use a wheelchair, scooter, electric personal assisted mobility device, crutches, walker, cane, brace, orthopedic device, or similar equipment or device to assist her or his navigation along the pedestrian right of way including sidewalks, curbs, crosswalks, and pathways to City of Los Angeles buildings, parks and other City owned facilities open to the public, or may be semi-ambulatory.

What types of repairs are included?

Access Request repairs may include missing or outdated curb ramps or curb ramps with lips; damage caused by tree roots that make the sidewalk or walkway surfaces inaccessible to or not usable by persons with Mobility Disabilities.

Repairs may also be required for broken or uneven pavement in the pedestrian right of way (including utility covers and repair covers) greater than ½”; vertical or horizontal displacement or upheaval of the sidewalk; or crosswalk surface variations greater than ½”; and non-compliant cross slopes greater than 2% in sidewalk sections.

Additional deficiencies may include protruding and overhanging objects or obstructions that narrow pedestrian rights of way to less than 4 feet of accessible width; or any pedestrian rights of way and sections that do not provide 4 feet of accessible width, particularly to the entrances of public bus shelters.

Further repair requests may include excessive gutter slopes at the bottom of curb ramps leading into crosswalks; tree wells that do not have compliant remediation; missing utility covers where such covers are missing from sidewalks, crosswalks or pathways; and other non-compliant conditions.

What if damage has been caused by a Street Tree?

A City Arborist shall determine the necessary street tree work required to complete the sidewalk repair. This could include actions such as, but not limited to, enlarging the tree planting area, root pruning, or removal. If the street tree can be retained by root pruning or enlarging the planting area, the City Arborist will determine the work to be done. If the street tree requires removal, City policy requires two street trees be replaced for every one street tree removed. A City Arborist shall determine the street tree replacement locations.

How do I submit a request?

Applicants can submit an Access Request by completing a Service Request through MyLA311. Applicants are encouraged to apply online using the MyLA311 web application or via the MyLA311 mobile application. Applicants can also apply by calling 311. Those requiring assistance can get help by visiting, calling, or mailing in a request to Department on Disability. The following is more information on these application options.

  • Online in MyLA311

  • By calling 3-1-1

  • By visiting the Department on Disability in person at:
    201 N Figueroa Street, Suite 100
    Los Angeles, CA 90012

  • By mailing the Access Request Form (Access Request Form) to: Department on Disability, 201 N Figueroa Street, Suite 100, Los Angeles, CA 90012

  • MyLA311 Mobile Application (available from the Apple and Android stores).The City will respond to each request in the order it is received, with priority in residential neighborhoods and those areas necessary to provide access to bus stops or other forms of public transit.

How is the scope of a sidewalk repair determined?

While consulting with a City of Los Angeles ADA Coordinator, a City representative will visit the requested location to determine which elements of the sidewalk require repair. Based upon ADA Standards, the City will determine the required scope of work.

Will the Department on Disability (DOD) be notified about my Access Request?

Yes. DOD will review each request and determine eligibility; no medical proof of disability is required.

Throughout sustained engagement with its constituency, DOD shall remain a point of contact and a fully engaged advocate for each and all solicitors.

DOD will respond to each request received, thoroughly investigating and exploring every concern and issue of its solicitors to provide advocacy, support, and resolution.

Does the Department on Disability have alternative contact methods such as TTY or videophone for my Access Request?

DOD has established dedicated voice, videophone, and TTY lines, as well as accessible email and website features to engage and support our constituency.