Information about Contractors

Finding a Contractor to Repair Sidewalks

When looking for a contractor to repair your sidewalk to ADA compliance, you can hire whatever contractor you want to work with, but you must choose a contractor with an A, C-8, C-12, or C-61:D-06 license in the state of California. The contractor’s license number must be provided before a Class A-permit for construction is granted. 

If you are having trouble finding your own contractor with the necessary license, you can view the City’s list of approved sidewalk contractors here.

If you would like to hire one of these contractors, please contact them directly and obtain their quote and contractor's license from them.

Will the City pay the contractor directly?

No, you will pay the contractor yourself. When the work has been certified by the City that it is ADA compliant, you will receive your rebate amount - up to $2000 for residential property and up to $4000 for commercial property. 

PLEASE NOTE: Repairing a sidewalk to the level of ADA compliance may be more expensive than a regular sidewalk repair.